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3 definitions by Lee1984Yate

A person of considerable responsibility in 'pragmatic' justice enforcement. Sadly, Magistrates are often wallowing in their own apparent wisdom and are actually not efficient in sentencing. They often present as stuffy old snobs whom insist on wearing cheap 'off-the-peg' reading glasses on the tips of their noses for the sole purpose of appearing to be intelectual. Sadists and hypocrites.
"Mr. Bloggs. It is within the power entrusted in this Magistrate's court to commit you to a period of six months in custody as a consequence of your actions. You are today convicted of snoring too loudly and disturbing the peace. If you had happened to be a drug-abuser, we would have spent thousands of pounds in tax-payer's money for you to have a nice spell at a private rehabilitation clinic."
by Lee1984Yate August 01, 2008
A rank of powerful reed pipes in the pipe organ (primarily the pedal section). The Double Ophicleide is at 32' pitch
"I love that Double Ophicleide, it makes my box vibrate!!"
by Lee1984Yate August 01, 2008
A rather saggy vaginal opening - akin to the neck of a turkey, or in some cases a ham sandwich.
"Mavis' Turkey Box looks like a bag of giblets, guy!!"
by Lee1984Yate August 01, 2008