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A complaint or pointless argument that reaches an unusually high words per minute ratio. Typically indiscernible and reserved for fast speaking cultures.
Juanita went on a turbo-rant about something. I wish I knew what the hell she was talking about.
by Lee Rosario June 11, 2009
An advanced form of complaint(s) usually involving painfully extensive, random, combative, neurotic and seemingly pointless arguments.
I can't believe this asshole went on a 3 hour power-rant about egg salad sandwiches at the DMV.
by Lee Rosario June 11, 2009
1. A two-stringed guitar specially designed for mentally challenged hobos, gangsters and rappers.

2. Slang for hip-hop formal wear.
1. Nashiqua is having a hard time learning how to play her Rapitar.

2. I'm gonna show up to the show in my rapitar.
by Lee Rosario June 11, 2009
A prominent turd comprised of petrified shit and multiple cloth fibers, dust and/or bodily hair.
Dude, check out this scuff bunny. Totally gotta be like at least a year old.
by Lee Rosario June 11, 2009
A slang term to describe promiscuous women in sub zero climates.
You best go back into your igloo, cause you nothing but a damn hosickle.
by Lee Rosario June 11, 2009

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