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messing up while fucking a chick(like in the song 'BACK SEAT' by New Boyz)
1-Damn girl....damn girl....you fucks'n with the man girl
by Lee Ons July 20, 2011
Any huge lady who has full control over her husband.
1-yo,nigga...that behemoth bitch in the movie 'Norbit' is an ideal wife according to all the dumbass feminists.Yo better watch ya fine ass while choosin' ya chick.
by Lee Ons July 20, 2011
A behaviour or habit which is not common among the general population.
I heard Buck loves to eat roadkill.He is way too hipsterical.
Roadkill hipster hipster R&B hysteric hysterical
by lee ons July 24, 2015
To swear a lot in a single sentence
I cant believe he cursalanched me for pranking his sister.
curse swear avalanche spit sick sick bad mouth
by lee ons July 24, 2015

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