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Atrocious children themed restaurant where birthday parties are held featuring cardboard pizza, broken slime covered arcade machines and playland, creepy animitronic "band", and a disinterested teenager in a mouse suit. Formerly known as Showbiz Pizza,established by Nolan Bushnell, the dude who started Atari.
Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese's and score a few thousand tickets on the skeeball machine and get a 15 year old black & white TV.
by Lee Iacocca July 20, 2004
Cable News Network.
An established, successful cable news channel which is maligned by both neo-conservatives and the far left. One viewing it as the liberal boogeyman, slanting its news to appeal to dirty commies, and those who "hate america", and the other views it as lip service to corperate america and the bush administration. For the most part its in the middle, in order to gain the most amount of viewers. Somewhat less spastic than fox news and msnbc in terms of raving idiots hosting "hard hitting" political discussion shows.
neocon: I'm not watching the CLINTON NEWS NETWORK, its run by that filthy socialist sypathizer ted turner.

Leftist: CNN is just a mouthpiece for KORPERATE AMERIKKKA. Theyre helping THE MAN keep us down.
by Lee Iacocca July 18, 2004
1.A medium sized town in western massachusetts. Middle class, post-industrial, with a sprinkling of art people and proto-yuppies. Easthampton is Northampton's white trash sister. Westhampton and Southampton are it's inbred hick cousins. It's considered improper for its younger residents to portray it in a positive light.

2.The Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Let's go to Easthampton and loiter around the 7-11 until the cops get pissed.
by Lee Iacocca May 19, 2005
The act of shooting up your local middle/high school in a furious rage ala columbine, then someone decides to make a sappy song about it.

also see vector complex
Billy stormed out of the cafeteria after someone hucked fries at him. We think he's gonna go vector compound and bring in an uzi tomorrow.
by Lee Iacocca July 20, 2004
Coming into work and blowing away your co-workers. See postal and vector compound
Uh oh. George in accounting brought in a big duffle bag that rattled. Better go hide, he's gonna go vector complex on us.
by Lee Iacocca July 20, 2004
Cars that never seemed to have been purchased new, they just exist. Really popular in the early 80's. On up to its demise bought soley by old people. Any high school or community college parking lot is populated by a large number of beat to shit oldsmobiles, usually covered with rust and band stickers.

See also: k-car Mercury Plymouth Hyundai
Dude, that's one bitchin' olds, column shifters rock
by Lee Iacocca May 20, 2005

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