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a large, capacious twat
"Good heavens, Lady Pimbleshire! That is the biggest sausage-wallet I've ever laid eyes upon!"
by Lee Henman April 01, 2003
sperminiferous ejaculatory fluid: Cum.
Lady Marchmont quivered with anticipation as Lord Grosvenor took her in his powerful arms. She gasped as his eyes burned passionately into her own.
"Prepare yourself my dear", he roared, "For I intend to pump you full of manfat!"
by Lee Henman July 08, 2002
The extra pair of tits that appear just above the waistband of a fat lady's jeans.
"Fuck me, she's a fat cow."
"Yeah, look at the fucking hiptits on it!"
by Lee Henman April 01, 2003
Spooge; Cum; Manfat; Spunk
"Excuse me, I've brought a sample of semen, doctor."
"Ah, good! Fresh fuckle-juice! Excellent!"
by Lee Henman April 01, 2003

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