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Usually used to describe a song without vocals. Also known as Backing Music
by Lee Crossley April 19, 2005
'mmyes' originated at Lancaster University by a bear named Baz, made popular by many students of Fylde and Lonsdale. Sounding like the word 'immense' it is used to acknowledge agreement in or for something tender. It is an exclamation of excitement also, but is more than just a word, it is a feeling which becomes a way of life.
"Let's get boozin"
by Lee Crossley April 12, 2005
Thought of by many to stand for 'Automated Vehicle Processing System'. I have found during extensive study and implementation of this topic that is stands for Bugger All.
Our AVPS project is a fucking waste of time.
by Lee Crossley April 19, 2005
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