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Quickly becoming a popular trend with youth today, particularly in southen California, couch parties are a type of party. These couch parties (occasionally called sofa parties) are organized one or two days, sometimes only hours before the event is to take place. This is due to the nature of the party.

Couch parties occur when youths see a couch that is to be thrown out, waiting on the street to be picked up by the sanitation department. They take said couch to a public place to hold a party at midnight. Such places may be a nearby park, the beach, the parkinglot of a local shopping center, the only requirement is that the place is filled with people during the day, but empty at midnight.

After the party, the couch is left to be disposed of by the city.
-"Hey man, did you hear about the couch party this friday?"
-"yeah, but I'm not sure if I can go, are you going to be there?"
by Lee Cody November 04, 2005
Something (usually a woman) that is so incredibly beautiful, one wants simply to touch it.
There's this fondangleable girl in my Bio class
by Lee Cody September 21, 2005
to be dressed like a gangster
look at that skinny white boy, all G'd out.
by Lee Cody September 04, 2005

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