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The study of how dogs think.
The latest research in dognitive science suggests that in some ways dogs are smarter than chimps.
by Lee Charles Kelley November 23, 2009
The tendency to see dogs as dogs, not as four-legged versions of human beings.
It's time to say "bye-bye" to anthropomorphism and "hello" to dogthropomorphism.
by Lee Charles Kelley November 23, 2009
A hangover, usually involving whiskey; may be mild or severe
"I’ve still got a touch of the Irish flu."

"The Irish flu?"

"Also known as a hangover."

(from "A Nose for Murder" by Lee Charles Kelley
by Lee Charles Kelley April 06, 2005
Searching for something that doesn't exist.
We spent hours looking for the great new bar John told us about, but it turned out to be a snark hunt.
by Lee Charles Kelley May 17, 2016
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