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5 definitions by Lee Bryan

A land full of friendly face's ready to rob you, bum you and set you on fire.
Don't answer your phone in penge!
by Lee Bryan March 08, 2005
48 25
A woman who will do absolutly anything to get tits in the paper. Anything to distract your from that hideous nose...
Deciding that if Jordan can do I'm A Celebrity, she'd go on The Games. Talk about cut-price, bargain basement...
by Lee Bryan March 11, 2005
44 23
A group of burberry twats mc'ing about having to be in bed before 9pm.
The fact that more people remember them because Kenzie was on Celebrity Big Brother than for their "music".
by Lee Bryan March 08, 2005
14 4
Garlic bread?! Garlic bread?! am i hearing right? Garlic bread?!
Peter Kay live @ Bolton royal albert halls & at the top of blackpool tower!
by Lee Bryan March 07, 2005
16 14
A chat site where ginnie pigs are glue to the pc for hours and hours on end.
Do i need to say anymore?
by Lee Bryan March 08, 2005
25 57