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An ugly, but heavily stacked guy, who inhabits a crappy little room on his own.
Percey: Whose the guy who lives in fat 21 next to the ample kitchen?

Nathaniel: That's Will, he's an absolute cave troll.
#ugly #ripped #bound #stacked #muscley
by Lee Bowyer June 21, 2010
A cross between scrot and butters, used to describe anything disgusting.
Example 1:
Will: *Lets out a one cheek bench sneak.*
Nathaniel: Eurgh, you're a scrutterz cunt!

Example 2:
Dave: I just banged someone up the rusty timemachine.
Carl: That is scrutterz.
#butters #vom #sick #disgusting #scrutters
by Lee Bowyer July 05, 2010
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