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When you take a huge crap and it all comes out at once, with such force, that you coat not only the bowl, but the rim, the bottom of the toilet seat, and both of your ass cheeks. This oftentimes occurs when you try to hold it in for as long as possible.
Eating greasy mall court food, and drinking modified coffee, such as latte's will cause you to have a blazzer.
by leatherneck March 02, 2012
When someone farts into the intake of a CPAP machine while it's user is sleeping. There's no escape.
Similar to a Dutch Oven, but the victims of a German Shower can only be on CPAP.
by leatherneck March 02, 2012
Someone Who will never feel the touch of a women; a person who touches themselves to japanese animation.
That guy over there is a Kenyon; ie Kenyon from WPL
by Leatherneck February 04, 2006
A word to describe a handgun. Much like the word hammer it is derived from the word tool.
"Why do they call it a ratchet?"

"Because it will twist your cap!"
by Leatherneck February 12, 2006
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