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2 definitions by Leanne<3

Irish band!
Loads of people love
Loads of people hate!
Got a massive fan base all over the world
Thing is though even if you don't like em!
they are 1 of the best bands, 13 number 1's
8 years together
recrod of the year about 4 times!
Bands never stay around thatlong anymore!
even more wen band member left! they didnt split like other bands!
Westlife, One of the best bandsgoing off records and time together Ever!
by Leanne<3 August 23, 2006
Manchester Is in the north west of England!!
V.popular place!
Rains alot!
But is a great city
In the Words Of Ian Brown
'Manchester has everything but a beach'
by Leanne<3 August 23, 2006