2 definitions by Leanna Big Fat Banana

When playing Rock Paper Scissors and you unexpectedly realise you are losing, you play dynamite as it beats everything.

Some proffessional players consider this a foul move and scram CHEAT whn it is used.

Dynamite is played by pointing out your index (the first) finger.
Everyone: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Boy 1 has played rock, Boy 2 has played scissors and Boy 3 has played dynamite.

Boy 1 and Boy 2: You CHEAT! Dynamite isn't real!

Boy 3: Is there a rock paper scissors dynamite rule book now?
by Leanna Big Fat Banana April 09, 2011
DTMJ is a shortened version of Dont Touch My Junk! It is a phrase useful to women in paticular, especially on a first date.
Man: Hey, how you doin? (goes to grab womans... cough)
Woman: Hey! DTMJ!
by Leanna Big Fat Banana April 09, 2011

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