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Another Way To Define Graped
Welches=Brand Of Grape Juice
You Just graped A Friend
You, To Friend:You Want Some WELCHES With That?
by Leak October 05, 2005
The New Definition Of "rape"
Its The Cool Thing To Say.
You Just Got GRAPED, Dog.
by Leak October 05, 2005
A Very faggish Thing On Halo
Where One Lucky Person, Seems To Have More "Skill".
But They Really Dont
They Just Got Lucky Enough To Host The Game.
(GamerTag001): Oh Shit, That Bitch Gots Host!
(GamerTag002): In Yo' Face N00blet Fucking Negro, I'll Eat You Up For Dinner, Lynch You, Then Pwn You On My Favorite Map Ever, Coagulation
(GamerTag001): We All Know You're A Noob. Fuck You. Fuck Coagulation. Go Back To Halo 1, You Fucking Colored-Skinned Noob.
by leak October 06, 2005
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