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3 definitions by Leak

Another Way To Define Graped
Welches=Brand Of Grape Juice
You Just graped A Friend
You, To Friend:You Want Some WELCHES With That?
by Leak October 05, 2005
4 9
The New Definition Of "rape"
Its The Cool Thing To Say.
You Just Got GRAPED, Dog.
by Leak October 05, 2005
5 14
A Very faggish Thing On Halo
Where One Lucky Person, Seems To Have More "Skill".
But They Really Dont
They Just Got Lucky Enough To Host The Game.
(GamerTag001): Oh Shit, That Bitch Gots Host!
(GamerTag002): In Yo' Face N00blet Fucking Negro, I'll Eat You Up For Dinner, Lynch You, Then Pwn You On My Favorite Map Ever, Coagulation
(GamerTag001): We All Know You're A Noob. Fuck You. Fuck Coagulation. Go Back To Halo 1, You Fucking Colored-Skinned Noob.
by leak October 06, 2005
18 55