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Constantine made sixth place famous for finishing in this position on American Idol, 2005, and then going on to achieve fame and success. Constantine's fans use the term sixth place to mean achieving success despite seeming to lose, as evidenced by his signing a major record deal with SONY, after the show, getting signed with ABC for a sitcom deal, and signing up for a movie, including acting and writing and producing the music for the movie.
I'm going for the gold. Hope to win Sixth Place!
by Leahe April 23, 2006
Multi-talented American performer of Greek descent. Famous for making it to sixth place of American Idol in 2005, then going on to become it's most famous and charismatic contestant. Singer, actor, musical theater performer. Is now well known by his first name only, and for his hair.
Everybody remembers Constantine, the long haired rocker performer who became famous after finishing sixth place in American Idol.
by Leahe April 23, 2006
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