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Adjective meaning really, really shitty.
I'm trying to get my internet and cable to work and Comcast just put me on hold for the fourth time. It's comcastic.
by Leah hates you all February 12, 2006
A combination of the words "glee" and "giggle". An expression on extra-gleeful giggle-worthy emotion.
I like pink ponies and unicorns! Gleegle!
by Leah hates you all May 13, 2006
To say "fuck you" to a person immediately prior to blocking him or her on an instant messenger.
Leah: Fuck you.
by Leah hates you all May 14, 2006
The dumbass who took over for Howard Stern after he went to satellite. His first show wasn't funny, and he had time to plan for that one. That tells you just how bad the rest of them are.
I hate the Adam Carolla Show. It's terrible.
by Leah hates you all February 20, 2006
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