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2 definitions by Leah Beah

1. The technique where one weaves the headphone wire of an ipod into their sleeve so as to lean on their hand and listen to music covertly
2. To employ the technique of weaving an ipod headphone into ones sleeve in order to listen to music secretly
That speaker was so boring at school I just weave-n-sleeved and rocked to basshunter the whole presentation.
by Leah Beah February 22, 2009
A game played between people that have ridiculous amounts of work. It is played by calling, raising and betting assignments. It is often played by college students.
It's unbelievable, but I just lost misery poker to Christina. I had a term paper, a test in art history, and a lab but she raised me a history paper.
by Leah Beah March 29, 2009