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1 definition by League of Hating Bert the LHB!

n: A little piece of shit that no one likes because he's a fucking dick sucker who thinks everything is under him. A Bert will often feel the need to critique anything you happen to say near him. On the plus side a Bert is a very intelligent person who can do many things that others can't. A Bert is very prideful in who they are despite who others may think of them.

v: A Bert is the action of over correcting something in an uncalled for manner. Often times this action is repetitive and continues without the persons consent.
Person: I was looking at Disney the other day...
Bert: Oh Disney sucks, and you know why...
Person: No Bert, why don't you tell us
Bert: Because Walt Disney is Hitler...
Person: Bert just stop.
Bert: Let me finish (insert chuckle)...without his mustache, and to work at Disney you need to surround yourself with white supremacist if you want to stand out. (insert chuckle)
by League of Hating Bert the LHB! November 06, 2011