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A metalhead rocker from bewdley. Irresistable to all members of the female sex. The only living human able to destroy the entire towny populus.
hey boni, i wish i was as heavy as you!
Damn it Boni you rock ass!

-Iz u a goff mate, u av one eyebrow, innit
-yeah smell your mum *offers hand*
by LeVeL 27 BoY December 20, 2003
mad kiddy fiddling fucker who likes to inflict pain on people who dont retaliate. Like particualrly to stab Boni in the leg with a compass in maths (check the word Boni on www.urbandictionary.com). All because Boni fucked his mum in thirteen different ways.
-take this boni
-I had your mum, smell your mum *offers hand*
-You bastard (and stabs)
by LeVeL 27 BoY December 20, 2003

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