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A Zamboa is a large amount of mass, which is ugly and eats everything in its path.
It is usually a women and can only be a man if ugly and fat enough.
They are only found on the east coast of Australia and in the Pacific Regions
Spotting are rare because the numbers of the Zamboas are falling due to unexplained heart problems.

You can describe one by the following features and characteristics:
- Large, really really big, massive (you will know if you see it)
- Strange colored hair, unusually shades and weird lengths
-Really moody if you don't agree with them your lunch
-Hungry, be fed at least 24 times a day

-Sometimes spotty
If you see one make sure you stay right away or you will cop an ear bashin
-Rapid Mood swings from normal to extremely aggressive in seconds depending on what you say.
Far out get a look at that Zamboa, its massive
by LeGiTxHaRrOcarnt July 18, 2012

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