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3 definitions by LeElohm

Originlly from the movie The Fifth Element. The female lead was ten thousand years old and hot (Milla Jovovich opposite Bruce Willis)
She was learning English at an alarming but humorous rate.

Slang: Any attractive woman you're trying to teach your language to.
She's cute. She's Swedish. I can't get past Leeloo Dallas Multipass.
by LeElohm June 10, 2008
31 17
Going to Vietnam during the war was referred to as going into 'The Green'
Alll of the Death, all of the victories and defeats. They all happened in The Green.
I'm going to the green I may never come back. I sold my cigarettes now I own a backpack. I'll ruck my ass high and low and if a sniper takes my head I'll never know. Because I'm into the Green and I won't won't run away. My friends have been here on their daying day. I won't forget the Green. No. no, I wont forget the Green.
by LeElohm June 10, 2008
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A Vietnam Situation is akin to the Vietnam War in which the U.S. walked in expecting an easy victory and wound up spending years and lives in a costly war.

In slang a Vietnam situation is any sort of job or agreement one walks into and expects to be simple to complete but one finds out it will be quite time consuming and/or expensive.

Lately this slang has been synonymous with an Iraq Situation
Man, my grandmother wanted me to go under the house and see what was rattling around under there. I said 'Sure' I mean it was just a rattle. Turns out There's like fifty hornets nests down there and her sewage line has busted. We got a plumber out here and fourteen cans of pesticide. The whole thing is a Vietnam Situation.
by LeElohm June 09, 2008
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