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Internet abreviation for "You Guys Use So Much Internet Jargon That I Have To Use Urban Dictionary To Understand You"
gtfo! wtf does otp mean? ygusmijtihtuudtuy
by leDude April 22, 2013
When a man and a woman are spooning and the woman sharts on the man's dick, making it feel warm and cozy.
"After running around naked in the snow last night my dick was freezing. I was afraid I was going to get frostbite and it was going to fall off, so I asked my wife for a hot claudia."
by LeDude July 12, 2012
A scatty, flappy woman with a heart of gold and an obsession with cats
"have you seen Emma today, shes just bought another cat, she's such a Pearson"

"stop being a Pearson!"

"that woman is going to die alone and her dead body will feed her cats for a week, the poor Pearson"
by ledude November 21, 2014
A man that is so laid back you have to check to see that they have a pulse, but touch his stuff and you'll be killed in the face with murder!
"Hey Anthony, where did you get that black eye?"
"I saw this coat lying around and picked it up and this guy just kerkula'd me"

"911, whats your emergency"
"A man has been sitting outside all day and hasnt moved, I dont know if he is dead or just kerkula"
by ledude November 21, 2014
A McGilligan is a person that believes they are incredibly good in bed despite never being told this by anyone.
"That girl keeps saying she is a machine in bed but shes a total McGilligan"
by ledude November 21, 2014

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