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ODT stands for On Dat Ting. It is used to define the relationship status of 2 people that are getting it on, but are not dating.

The term ODT can also be used for banter. It can be shouted across a busy area to 2 friends, that are possibly or you think should be getting it on.
Friend: 'Hey Harry, are you ODT with Sally?'
Steve: 'Yeah but keep it quiet, we don't want everyone to know yet.'

Friend 1: 'Are those two going out?'
Friend 2: 'Nah they're just ODT'
#relationship #status #getting it on #dating #banter
by Le2mandem April 02, 2011
ffd stands for fit from distance. It refers to when you see somebody that appears fit when looked on from far away, but when they get closer you realize that they aren't actually attractive.
John: Oh mate check out that chick across the street! She is well fit! Oh look she's crossing the road..

James: Are you blind?! Her face looks like it's made out of leather!

John: My bad, but to be fair she was ffd
#fit #attractive #chick #leather #fair
by Le2mandem June 21, 2011
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