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adj. The stage that frequently falls between the two stages of tipsy, and drunk.
Nah, Jimbob only made it to the octopus stage last night.

I'm at the octopus stage!

I wash athe octhopush sage!

see also: octopussy
by Le Passenger May 19, 2008
The feeling one gets upon reaching the octopus stage, only to sober up just a tad.
I'm feeling so octopussy =(

I need to get octopussy so they can let me purchase more beverages.

That f***ing coppa fined me, even though I was only at the octopussy stage when I crashed.
by Le Passenger May 19, 2008
A being that resembles The Incredible Hulk in most ways, other than colour.
Hulk be green, Tnuc be orange.

Tnuc isn't a pussy in its human form.
Holy shit it's Tnuc!!

Tnuc smash!

I once saw Tnuc, but it raped me.
by Le Passenger May 19, 2008
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