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Nayla is a beautiful latin girl with amazing kitty eyes and the best smile anyone has ever seen. She loves kids and animals, and has a heart to help people. She is feisty and you do not mess with her without expecting consequences.
She is family oriented and is very outdoorsy. Hiking and snowboarding might be just the thing for Nayla.
Nayla equals amazing smile, great eyes, caring and a party girl who will gladly be the designated driver.
by Le Mimas February 04, 2010
Indhira is a warm, hard working person who never gives up. She has an amazing personality and never runs out of kind words and love for people. She is beautiful both inside and outside. She is family oriented and loves to please her man.
When she is cutting paper she sticks her tongue out!!!!
Indhira equals great legs, eyes and eyebrows!
by Le Mimas February 04, 2010

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