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4 definitions by Le Frat House

A cunt wad who regularly leaves half cans of soda throughout ones residence. See also 'sandbag'.
Andrew consumed one half of his freshly opened can of diet coke, and then left it by the base of the couch. When the rest of the housemates proceeded to clean the house and found many half filled cans of diet coke they all cursed his name, fucking halfcan bandit!
by Le Frat House January 16, 2008
5 1
Something that is both good and dirty at the same time. Used most commonly when relating to the quality of food bought from a fast food restaurant.
Me and Matt got some Brody's the other day, it was soo girdy that i ate it all and now feel sick.
by Le Frat House January 21, 2008
7 7
A person who pisses off a deck/balcony and covers potentially clean clothes hanging off a clothesline directly below. This always occurs when an available toilet is only metres away.
Fuck Sav, dont piss off the balcony, my clothes are on the line. Goddamn savination is going to stain my clean clothes!
by Le Frat House January 16, 2008
4 4
The house and location of the greatest group of blokes known to man. They can be found in the suburb of Enoggera, located in South East Queensland.

Also the head office of the Omicron Mu Gamma Fraternity.
That le frat house is truly awesome. However, they suffer from savination whenever they have drinking nights.
by Le Frat House January 16, 2008
3 7