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Attention whores from YouTube, mostly females, who make random videos with cleavage or misleading thumbnails on their videos. The most notorious YouTube Whores are MeganSpeaks, TheReplyGirl, and LauraTickled.

Basically, cleavage is how they get views on their pointless shit-vids. On MeganSpeaks videos, so many people have flagged her videos for spam or misleading thumbnails that YouTube removed the flagging option from all her videos, but still leaves everyone with the option to give it a big thumbs down.
MeganSpeaks: "Jokes on you, I cant be flagged so fuck you"

MeganSpeaks: "My videos were not against YouTube guidelines and my flagging is disabled to protect me" (Protected by erected penises by YouTube staff)

Did you know YouTube Whores have a head on their shoulders? Huh...their boobs were distracting me from their shitty fucking video.
by Le Derpson January 30, 2012
A day were everyone gets drunk as fuck with the bestest of their friends; maybe family too. Consists of hard liquor, beertastic beer, and illegal fireworks which completes the night.
*Phone rings* "Uggh, who is this?"

"It's steve, I'm comin' to get you out of your mother's basement, we're getting drunk as fuck!"

"What day is it again?"

"Don't act like an FNG, it's New Years Eve. We're storming the liquor stores at 1700 hours!"
by Le Derpson December 25, 2011
Derives from Survival of the fittest by Charles Darwin, almost the same concept.

Think of your typical high school. An individual, or a group, eventually becomes the coolest shit in town. Once the spotlight is on them, the people who are uncool eventually dwindle and implode (or realistically...their genes die off and all the cool kids go to the summer of '69).
Person 1 and 2 get noticed more than person 3.

Person 3 becomes less noticed for the things that person 1 and 2 do (attention whoring...or just being themselves).

Person 1 and 2 eventually are the Survival Of The Coolest and person 3 does not reproduce and eventually his or her genes die off and are never seen in anyone else again.
by Le Derpson December 08, 2011
A natural occurring high from starting at boobs for too long, big and small boobs. Some symptoms include: red eyes, sweaty hand syndrome, adrenaline rush from the heart rate going from 70 to 180bpm.
(Hanging out in the plaza mall)

"Hey man check out that massive rack on that girl"

"Ooohhh mmyyy, I think I'm having a boob high"
by Le Derpson January 06, 2012
Another term for "no", or "go fuck yourself". When someone says something to you, usually presenting an offer or an ultimatum, you can disagree by saying "no deal"
Hey man I just found out that you've been flirting with my girlfriend and now I'm very angry. What am I going to do about this you may ask? Well, I'm gonna come to your house, kick your teeth in, and shut your mouth for you.

Sorry...no deal
by Le Derpson January 01, 2012

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