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The main character of the movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Thomas Crown sends four men out to Boston Massachussets to pull off a bank robbery so successful that the FBI fails to catch the badguys.
Thomas Crown is the Harvard university or Ivy League version of Don Corleone.
by Le Mans June 20, 2005
A middle class pimp. He makes as much as George W. Bush ,a corperate exectutive, or airline pilot(i.e. $50,000 to $200,000 a year) He also has 5 to 10 hookers working for him.
My nextdoor neighbour is a player pimp and he make 200 grand a year.
by Le Mans July 08, 2005
To commit incest on Halloween. It came from a Jerry Springer show episode.
Man in the audience: Hey I got a question for Joey; What do you to celibrate Halloween pump-kin?
by Le Mans June 21, 2005
The cap that German enlisted men wore with their uniforms during World War I and World War I. It looks like a skull cap that muslims wear, but the cap is flat, and cylender in shape.

On the contray, the saxton cap is like the service cap that the NCO's and commissioned officers wore.
German Army quartermaster private:'in German' here is your saxton cap with your uniform.

German Recruit:'in german' thank you sir
by Le Mans July 02, 2005
The feminine version of Special Ed from Crank Yankers. She appeared in the episode of 'The other cousin' on Drawn Together on Comedy Central.
Bleh is Princess Clara's other cousin.
by Le Mans July 08, 2005
The worst place to find a girl. Alcoholic beverages loosens tounges, and softens inhibitions. Men who go to bars say stupid things to women when they are drinking.
The attack of the killer budweisers

1. The Drunken Frat Boy
2. The Too smooth for his own good Player
3. The Sloppy Corprate Executive
4. The 'hi you doing bag 'o' doughnuts Joey' guy.

David Wygant
by Le Mans July 24, 2005
A pimp who has all the ho's, dresses flashy, and who owns an Italian villa or French chateau in the suburbs or in the country. They also drive cars of Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Lincoln, Crysler, Cadilac, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.
Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, and Don Juan are the mack pimps dawg
by Le Mans July 07, 2005
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