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The state of becoming selfish, vain, and egotistical to the point where people whom you care about (ex. friends, family, girlfriends/ boyfriends, lovers, and past girlfriends/ boyfriends) have left you and/or decide that you are being too much of a douche to even tolerate at which point you become obsessed with people and/or circumstances that are beyond all reasonable, logical, and understandable possibilities.
An ex boyfriend who follows you at work, calls you and leaves you things asking why you are with your current boyfriend instead of him, and sends you an untold amount of messages on the internet asking you to come back to him, and spends the rest of his time sulking and crying to his other friends.... emo stalker
by ldydrknes July 10, 2008
The technical definition is a person who visits the disney theme parks. But it has a more subtle definition that is more accurate.

Generally Under-educated Egotistical Stupid Tourists
The way the guest comes up to the cast members who work for Disney and demand things that are not available or they perform acts that are unsafe to themselves of others and then complain when the cast member asks them nicely to stop for their safety. (for example: slacking their seat belts on tower of terror even when the cast member has told them not to.... Also how the Annual Pass Holders think they know the attraction better than the people that actually work there every day.
by Ldydrknes July 10, 2008

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