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A character in R. Kelly's second favorite role play which features a jungle-like Jurassic Park atmosphere. Guests in R. Kelly's fanstasy will experience jungle love calls and ridiculous innuendo, which is said by some listeners to be "hot."

This scenario takes a close second to R. Kelly's favorite role play, most well known as "You be the potty".

"Well, what animal in the zoo would you like to be?"

"I'll be the sexasaurus."
by lcross April 20, 2008
1) Facial expression designed to indicate extreme displeasure at chach bag. The lower region of the face must be distorted in a manner that makes the offender know they just got skanked.

2) The only appropriate way to react to a chach face.
"When he started being an ass, I put on my best skank face.

"Oh no, I think she just gave you the skank face."

by Lcross April 13, 2008
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