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Referring to the way one shuffles into work/class the day after having spent a full day at the beach, moving a little more slowly than usual because of the excessive use of back and shoulder muscles for water and/or beach sports, the inability to sit or lay comfortably due to the sunburn ranging from irritating to ragingly painful that dictates every move and raises the unnecessary question from everybody of "Did you go to the beach?", and crunchy remnants of sand in the hair, ears, eyes, mouth, or other susceptible body parts even after showering.

Note: A beach hangover can take anywhere from hours to days before achieving a full recovery and may just require a few showers and water, or copious amounts of Aloe Vera and electrolytes.
I spent my entire Labor Day at the beach surfing and chilling with friends, but ended up going to work with a beach hangover the next day.

My cousin was visiting Florida from Minnesota for a week and had a beach hangover her entire stay after spending the first day on the beach.
by Layla Maree September 08, 2009
1) An honest and patriotic expression or means of speech reflecting the pride, honor, respect, traditional history, and integrity of or for one's country and fellow countrymen; speech or expression that does not succumb to the pressures of political correctness. Nature of use is primarily American.

2) The way every true American citizen should speak or behave, regardless of whether they are American born or legal immigrants.
1) The fact that the textbook acknowledged our Founding Fathers as "fathers" was a rather patriotically correct statement versus the politically correct versions that have begun calling them the Founders of Freedom so as to not be sexist.

2) Jorge chose to stand at the ball game, holding his hand over his heart during the Star Spangled Banner and facing the American flag, rather than remaining seated as some of his friends did.
by Layla Maree September 17, 2009

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