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A beautiful girl; uninhibited hippie; Unnatainable to most men.
Erik: Layla has never had a boyfriend.
Tony: That's because she's too much of a free spirit to be tied down.
#hippie #uninhibited #free spirit #beautiful #unnatainable
by Layla 1015 November 09, 2008
The feelings a gorgeous girl has for a skinny, pale, far too intellegent, nerdy boy, who does not feel the same way. His name is usually Eric and he is usually an english major, who is far too old for her, but won her over by his brains.
"Eric is Layla's NerdyDreamCrush but he doesn't seem to care. Is he fucking crazy? She's hot as shit?!"
#eric #layla #max and erma's #nerd #crush #intellegent.
by Layla 1015 December 15, 2008
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