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An overpriced, overrated, undersized clothing store that clearly doesn't realize that the purpose of catalog models is to model the clothing being retailed, not to exploit and degrade men and women to merely sexual objects by means of covertly distributed porn in the pages of A&F catalogs .....or the models don't wear any clothing in the shoots because they realize they could either never afford or fit into that being advertised.
adolescent boy1: Let's go sneak some of my brother's porn.
adolescent boy2: No need, my sister's A&F catalog just came in the mail.

guy: Didn't that chick who was in playboy once model for A&F?
girl: Yeah, but she didn't have enough money to buy food because she had to buy their clothes....And when she could eat, she wasn't able to fit into the size -2 clothes.
guy: That's cool. She's a lot hotter now that she doesn't look like a popsicle stick.
by Layla February 03, 2005
A new Facebook application that is just a step away from being a Myspace tracking device for people to see who is viewing their profile. The only difference is that the viewer must first acknowledge that they're being tracked before it will track them and display visits to the Trakzor viewing audience and profile holder.
Girl #1: These crazy Facebook applications are getting way out of hand.
Girl #2: I know, and Trakzor is on the verge of being Facebook's Big Brother. It's just creepy.

Guy #1: Dude, I just went onto Kayla's profile and clicked the new Trakzor application. What's the point of it anyway?
Guy #2: It tracks people who visit her profile. Now she's gonna know that somebody from outside of her network is Facebook stalking her.
Guy# #1: Damn, she's probably gonna block me and I won't be able to see her hot pictures!
by Layla May 31, 2007
Gay. The way somebody acts.
That boy is sooooo noncy
by Layla January 04, 2004
seven stuff
i sevendruple heart them
by layla February 24, 2004
'end' the night/ want to go home
- I think we should call it for tonight
- Yeah, ok. I see you tomorrow
- Bye and thanks for this evening
by LayLa February 09, 2014
Abbreviation of Manchester United
Man United is simply the best!
by Layla February 20, 2005
def1) Led Zeplin fan
def2) Led Zeplin ~groupie~
def3) Spastic brazilian named Mccoy
love ya sweety
by layla December 27, 2003

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