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2 definitions by Laxislife777

Non sexual protection issued by your bros, such as a human wall between you and your ex or saving your ass from a nagger.
So me and my bros were at Target when I saw Fran, my ex. I quickly told my bros, and they provided brotection by forming a human wall to block visual contact between me and Fran.
by Laxislife777 June 11, 2010
When your girlfriend's mom catches the two of you making out and s just watching for like 5 minutes; and then simply scares the shit out of you by yelling one of your names
Rob: So we were at the park, then her mom caught us making out and I was like SHIT!
Rob's Wingman: Dude, that is classic funnitico
by Laxislife777 January 27, 2010