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Lacrosse is a sport that was played by the Native Americans Indians. The point of the game is to have your team score a small hard rubber ball into the goal while using a lacrosse stick. You also have to pass, throw, and catch obviously cuz it's a team sport.. This game is so awesome and it has a lot of running to it. Also there is womens lacrosse and mens lacrosse. Its not just for men since nobody hardly mentions womens.Some rules are different for mens and womens..the sticks are different also. People usually call lacrosse "Lax". Its pretty simple... This first part is La.. and the second part is an x which stands for crosse.. You can see the lines are crossing in a "x"..Get it??
Team Lacrosse Player: Hey, wanna go practice lacrosse with me, before the game?

Me: Sure, I will go get my stick.
by Lax Girl All Day XD October 03, 2011

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