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One Googolbyte equals 2 to the 100th power.
One Gigabyte equals 2 to the 30th power.
Kilobyte 2 to the 10th power
Megabyte 2 to the 20th power
GB Gigabyte 2 to the 30th power
TB Terabyte 2 to the 40th power
PB Petabyte 2 to the 50th power
EB Exabyte 2 to the 60th power
ZB Zettabyte 2 to the 70th power
YB Yottabyte 2 to the 80th power
There is a guy that is making a digital record of everything in his life. He wears a camera that snaps a picture every minute or so I'm told. I would guess that that Dude will need a new DELL with a Googolbyte hard drive real soon.
#kbps #mbps #gbps #gigabyte #megabyte #terabyte
by Lawrence Langlais March 04, 2008
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