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2 definitions by Lawrence Bromberek

In Dante's Inferno, Limbo is the first circle of hell. Limbo is the home of the dead pagans that were around before Jesus Christ and Christianity. The Pagans are kept here, unharmed, where they live for eternity. They are not allowed into heaven because they do not know God's love. Unbabtized and aborted babies are also sent here when they die.
Although it is in hell, no one is punished in Limbo.
by Lawrence Bromberek March 16, 2004
The greasy residue found between your ass cheeks when your first wake up, or finish from a strenuous activity. For really fat people, ass sweat forms even when no activity is being done
Pete Jenkins gets ass sweat when he sits in spanish class
by Lawrence Bromberek March 16, 2004