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Pantskat trauma is caused by making direct contact with a person who has their pants pulled up to their neck as if they don't have arms and are most likely a troll. The most common forms of Pantskats go by the name Karkat, pronounced "Car Cat". Therefor the origin of the name comes from the words "Pants" and "Karkat".

If you are not treated for "pantskat trauma" you will either A) grow candy corn on your head and have terrible pants wedgies for the rest of your life or B) turn into a sort of Nazi-troll-hybrid that only goes after small rodents and assorted tropical birds.
But B) is a very rare case in which only 2% experience and normally only experienced if they don't treat side effect A) for too long.

If you don't treat your "pantskat trauma" you should call the doctor as soon as symptoms arrive.

Early symptoms include: greasy and/or sticky hair, excessive and uncontrollable passing of gas, having feces that resemble Richard Nixon and have mild discoloration such as a purple tint, tears that match the color of you blood, potential discovery of octopi in your pillowcases and rarely, male pregnancy which results in a deformed half walrus half human child.

Not treating "Pantskat trauma" after stage B) results in a painful death by pants enveloping your face until you become a pair of trousers.
TA: Dude, ii thiink KK gave me "Pantskat trauma."



EB: dude Dave turned into a pair of pants. :(

GG: oh no! I bet Karkat gave him Pantskat trauma! D:
by Lawrawrawr August 03, 2011

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