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A super-smart math teacher that teaches at HTHS and can divide by zero.
Hey look, that genius’s IQ is over 9000!
by Lawlbags! October 21, 2009
A REALLY creepy creeper kid that typically starts all of his sentences with the word “well”.
(Special Warning: Stay Away!)
Hey look, Disturbia’s creeped over 9000!
by Lawlbags! October 16, 2009
The funniest dude on the planet! The best part is no one will ever know who he is hahahaha!
The name is said to have originated from the phrase "Bags of Lawl" however disturbia may think otherwise
Lawlbags! will be back!!!
by Lawlbags! October 14, 2009
A sophomore class-councillor that tries to make jokes during the morning announcements but fails at it.
Hey look, that announcer’s made over 9000 bad ones!
by Lawlbags! November 02, 2009
I big nosed female horse living in the Tri-State Area that typically wears trashy clothes and can't find a man.
Hey look, that's bitch's nose is over 9000!
by Lawlbags! April 29, 2009
An extremely short midget that typically never does her work (and instead gets others to do it for her) and can’t think.
Hey look, that mooch’s height is under 9000 (and shrinking)!
by Lawlbags! October 14, 2009
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