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A very, very, very large female with a wide, linebacker ass!!
" Ooooo...look at the Urlacher over there."
by LawCoLaw June 29, 2009
When a man takes his unit and smacks someone in the forehead with it.
" My girlfirend was pissed when I Hoagie Stamped her last night!!"
by LawCoLaw June 29, 2009
A woman who is a skank but hot also!
"Wow check her out. She's Skhot."
by LawCoLaw June 29, 2009
The discharge a female has after the act of sex. Acronym for Pussy Cum Drip
My girlfriend always complains about the PCD!!!!
by LawCoLaw July 28, 2009
Someone who is just a complete sloppy train wreck!!!
"Wow. That girl is such a slop tart!!!"
by LawCoLaw June 29, 2009
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