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3 definitions by Lausaraleen

An awesome place thats in the chronicals of Narnia Books.

I wish I could go to Narnia!

Anyone who says that narnia is gay or is a penis has no life.
by Lausaraleen January 23, 2008
Also known as habbo credits. Its these retarded little coins that you have to pay for with real money.

And paying for coins will caus addiction.
Habbo Idiot: I wanna buy 50 coins!

Sulake: Ok pay 100 dollers! *thinking: HEHEHE WHAT A SUCKER!*

Habbo Idiot: Ok!

Habbo Idiot: (saying to his dumb friend) Dude! I just bought 50 habbo coins!

Habbo Dummy: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lausaraleen January 14, 2008
The calorman Prince in the Horse and His Boy. HE allmost marrys Susan and he turns into a donkey.
"The bolt of Tash falls from above!" ~Prince Rabadash in the horse and his boy.

by Lausaraleen January 26, 2008