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A misspelling of the word “euonym”, the winning word from the 1997 national spelling bee.

In the animated television series Metalocalypse, bassist William Murderface, while practicing for his appearance on celebrity spelling bee, insists that he is a great speller despite the fact that he spells everything wrong.

Also an example of the meaning of the actual word, euonym; a name well suited for a person, place, or thing. William is described as being hideously ugly and grotesque, thus making his last name, Murderface, a euonym.
Murderface: Y-O-U-A-N-D-H-I-O-M… youandhiom.

Murderface: Hey, I don't care how wrong it is. Just admit it; I'm a great speller and it burns you.

Toki: You're not a great speller! You got to spell right to be a speller!
by Laurita Chiquita February 12, 2011

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