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A rather sexually stimulating member of the female population who has the common sense to realize what most men understand by a fact of their nature. There is nothing wrong with sex. Sex makes people happy. Most Men would love to have sex. Unfortunately the female population thinks of sex as a crime.
Sluts however love having sex. They would gladly fuck anyone laying around because, hey why not. Sex can be fun.
Sluts are also willing to make many men happy at one by wearing things that will suggest sex. For example, wearing the tightest mini skirt that won't reveal the vagina or the tiniest white t-shirt shirt and bra that wont make a nipple obvious, unless water is to touch them.
Sluts are a savior to the human race because they understand why sex isn't bad. Because it makes people happy and that is it's purpose. Not to make them fret and miserable.
The Slut should not be confused with a hooker who charges money and doesn't particularly want to make love, but make money.
There is nothing wrong with being a slut. Fuck, it's fun to sleep with multiple people.
by Laurence Ash April 23, 2008

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