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The lead singer from German Band Tokio Hotel. For most people who are wondering yes he is a guy and yes he is STRAIGHT!!!

This 20 year old singer is probably the hottest thing you can ever see. That is next to his twin brother Tom Kaulitz. Even though they are twins they have very different styles so it is very easy to tell them apart.

Some fans will just abbreviate his name with "BK" instead of typing it out.

And they will come up with cute saying like " BK- Bill Kaulitz! Have it your way"
Fan Girl #1: Whose your favorite member of TH?
Fan Girl #2: Bill Kaulitz!!! He is so adorable!!
Fan Girl #1: Yea he is but so is his brother.
Fan Girl #2: Yea they are probably the hottest twins ever!!
by LaurenW October 27, 2009

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