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Fragrance worn by women, in order to remain freshly scented and possibly attract the opposite sex. Usually dabbed on the wrists, behind the ears, near the cleavage and on the backs of the knees.
I spray my perfume twice and then step into the mist to allow for an even distribution of scent.
by Lauren M January 19, 2007
An invention of MAN.
An example of the evil nature of mankind.
A primitive means of obtaining that (be it land, goods, or the subordination of others) which a group deems desirable.
"We should expand our territory, let's start a war with the original settlers!"
by Lauren M January 19, 2007
A term, popularized by Owen Wilson in the movie; "Wedding Crashers", to identify a man who lives to have sex, usually in the absence of real love. Tends to think with his penis.
"I tried to practice abstinence for a period of time, but I gave up. There are too many sexy ladies, and I'm a cocksman at heart."
by Lauren M January 19, 2007

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