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A town in southern New Jersey. Widely known for trucker motels, prostitutes, it's drugged-out high school, and Friendly's. There is nothing to do in this town other than eat shit and die, or go to Friendly's. Also called Cin City.
A) Cinnaminson sucks ass. B) People go to Friendly's when they have the munchies in Cinnaminson.
by Lauren December 05, 2004
yummy kind of cereal with marshmallows in unusual pirate shapes
those marshmallow maties sure look delicious
by lauren March 23, 2004
1. state of being multi-talented
2. of or relating to cute smallness
1. to a person with many talents: "Woah, you're a regular paula abdul!"
2. to a person who is small and cute: "ummm...you're Paula Abdul" ok, so maybe that one is stupid....oh well.
by Lauren March 15, 2004
the best
"he was dancing wu tang style"
by lauren August 31, 2003
done or fixed half-assed
"man, our whole house is jimmy rigged. look, we have duct tape to fix the hole in the ceiling."
by lauren August 30, 2003
The sexiest pirate ever...he must be because I saw the movie 8 times because of him!
She is safe like I promised and is marrying norington like she promised and you dying for her like you promised so we are all man of our word except for Elizabeth;who is in fact a woman!
Jack:Why is the rum gone
Liz:One because it is a vile drink that turns the most respectful men into complete scoundruls.....etc.
Jack:But why is the rum gone?
I have too many quotes memorized to even write them all!
by Lauren August 22, 2003
The best band in the world, and the new cd is kick ass
I want to go to a MxPx concert
by Lauren May 21, 2003

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