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When a girs private parts (crotch) smell like a swamp!
"Is it normal that my vagina smells like a swamp?"
by Lauren March 29, 2005
A shredder is a snowboarder.
Shredders are better than skiers.
by lauren July 22, 2004
a girl who shaves her pubes
"my new girl is a bushwhacker... i was tired of trish's old school pussy."
by lauren September 01, 2003
nervous breakdown
"if i can't find my planbook i will seriously have a nervy b"
by lauren August 31, 2003
The stupid way of spelling stupid. Basically, it's how illiterate morons try to be clever by using big words with 2 syllables. Except they spell them wrong.
Moron: OMG u r lyke sooo stupied !!!!!!!!111
Person: I'm not so sure about that, but I know you're stupid.
by lauren February 17, 2005
Japanese for tail.
Shippo No Uta, Japanese for "The Tail Song"
by Lauren January 02, 2004
yummy kind of cereal with marshmallows in unusual pirate shapes
those marshmallow maties sure look delicious
by lauren March 23, 2004

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