334 definitions by Lauren

"shit man, i'm hungry. when's lunk?"
by lauren August 30, 2003
the 69 position
"you're so hot tonight- wanna zodiac?"
by lauren September 01, 2003
Cyber sex happens on the internet.
I had cyber sex with him.
by Lauren August 23, 2004
Fat Mall Bitch.
The hottest ladies on Long Island.
The FMBs came to bring tha pain.
by Lauren January 24, 2004
its the new word for a hoe.
that girl over thee be a candyass.
by lauren February 28, 2005
The condition many women get in after having too much sex.
dude, I had a lot of sex. I must be pregnant!!!
by lauren October 27, 2004
the gang tht nadia me alex markus and sara created and it is the shit dogg
yo nadia
yo lauren
whts ^ nuttin much u
nuttin much jus representin jjj junit
by lauren April 07, 2005
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