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1 definition by Lauren Witrock

Lauren - South Brunswick/New Brunswick party smut. A girl who consistantly will get fucked by one or more aka trizzy or foursome gangbang at any party. Guarunteed. Will fuck anything with a penis. Any size shape or form. SMUT!

also has interest with animals....
Ex 1: "Dude, do you realize that EVERY dude in this party fucked that girl Lauren?"
"She is a smut bro. Hey, wanna bet you and I could trizzy that smut?"

Ex 2: "You ever watch one of those pornos where like 4 guys fuck a girl at a party and all cum in her? That is nasty, I could not get off to that."
"Yeah I actually I was whackin off right before I got here and I came across a porn with a smut like that and completely went limp. Didn't even get blue balls."
by Lauren Witrock September 23, 2008