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Someone whose opinionated, volatile, easily offended, insecure nature makes them super-easy targets.
Bieber/Twilight fangirls are easy troll bait because they take ANY negative remarks about their "god" as a personal attack and will violently attack expecting the trolls to stop and make themselves stand in the corner but their attacks never cease, troll feeding ensues.
by Laurel Scarlett Katrina October 04, 2010
Wal-creatures are known mainly for their bizarre behavior and "plumage" (e.g. Mullets/femullets, tails, shirts with colorful expletives, butts hanging out, year-round Halloween costumes, tight, colorful stretch pants on those who have no business wearing them).

There are many sub species of them such as the hambeasts (obese people using the electric scooters meant for disabled people), skunks (people who haven't bathed in ages and you can smell them at 20 paces), baby-factories (the ones with six screaming brats under 10), silver-back gorillas (hairy guys).

These people also have "pets" to accompany them and often they're not the fuzzy, cuddly kind. Goats are the most common along with raccoons, and snakes.

Like most animals, you don't bother them and they won't bother you (usually) because God knows what these "animals" are capable of and it's not a pretty sight....
The vast majority (90%) of Wal-mart shoppers are nice normal people there to shop for grocieries or pick something up. The remaining 10% just happen to be Wal-creatures.
by Laurel Scarlett Katrina February 18, 2011

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